Air Travel from Delhi to Las Vegas by British Airways – Fulfilling My Dreams

Hi friends, Gayatri is back with yet another travel tale. I know many of you love to read my blogs and that is surely what tempts and motivates me to write. Today I am going to share a travel experience, which started with the air travel from Delhi to Las Vegas by British Airways. Las Vegas has always fascinated me with its talk of casinos and other tempting locations. Thanks to the Delhi to London cheap air tickets offer that I was able to plan everything within a budget. Hence, as soon as my decision to visit the city was made I started making preparations for the journey by making online bookings for the travel and stay over there.

british airways

British Airways | Image Resource :

For travelling purposes I decided to travel first to the city of London and from there, catch a flight to my destination. Hence, through the official website of the airline, I booked a British Airways flight for my journey as it has the reputation to provide excellent facilities and fantastic offers. This low-cost airline was like an angel sent for a budget traveler like me. I reached the Indira Gandhi International Airport and found the check-in facility of the airlines to be quite smooth and hassle free. Soon I found myself sitting inside the aircraft with my hand luggage stored in a row above my head.

a meal in planes of british airways

A Meal In Planes Of British Airways | Image Resource :

British Airways provided a comfortable and easy journey. The lunch package served on the flight was fresh as well as tasty. This was a bit surprising as I didn’t know that the lunch was also included in the Delhi to London cheap air tickets. The warmth and hospitality of the staff and crew members was heartfelt and admiring. The flight to Heathrow Airport, London took one hour and after a stop over there, I caught another flight arranged by the same airline for Las Vegas. It took one more hour to reach there from London.

I reached the Mccarran Airport and my air travel from Delhi to Las Vegas by British Airways concluded in Las Vegas. The check-out procedure took some time as all the international passengers had to fill their detailed information for security reasons. At last all the formalities were completed and I was free to come out of the airport. My first impression of the city was very mesmerizing and I realized that I had reached one of the destinations of my dreams. Then, I was free to enjoy all my fantasies. It was a very over whelming moment of my life and I was ready to check-in at Hotel Artisan Las Vegas.


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