Our Visit To The Big Ben London

My aunt was pretty excited on seeing me. She had come to pick me up at the airport. I was surprised to hear that she had made plans for my entire stay. Our first visit would be to the Big Ben and she revealed the surprise while we were in the cab.

The Clock Tower

I always thought that the clock tower was called the Big Ben while I still did not understand why it was named like a human being. It was my aunt who told me that Big Ben was the name of the huge bell. The clock tower was actually called the Elizabeth Tower.

I was impressed to see the intricate framework of the clock. It was someone by the name Augustus Pugin who designed the unique clock. The tower was named after Queen Elizabeth 2 to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

big ben london

Big Ben London | Image Resource : famouswonders.com

The Huge Bell

The Big Bell weighs nearly 16 tons. There is a great history behind the naming of the bell. The bell is very significant as it symbolises London. You will find the clock tower on many of London’s mementos. I clicked many pictures of the Big Ben.

close view of big ben london

Close View of Big Ben London | Image Resource : theonion.com

After our visit to the Big Ben, we decided to visit the St Margaret’s Church. The beautiful church is an ideal place for tourists who want something peaceful. The church decor is parish. It is also an ideal place for historians who enjoy learning about significant places in different countries.

The church has witnessed several significant events and chapters of the nation’s history. The church was built way back in the eleventh century. We clicked many pictures while in this church too. I enjoyed the visit. It was a unique spiritual experience.

st margaret’s church london

St Margaret’s Church London | Image Resource : britainfromabove.org.uk

The Halt At Caffe Nero

By noon, we needed a sip of hot brewing coffee and so we decided to halt at Caffe Nero. They had the most exotic and rejuvenating coffee. I sipped an Espresso while my aunt enjoyed one of the iced coffees served there. It was a fun trip which remains fresh in my memory.

caffe nero london

Caffe Nero London | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org


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